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Sign Language as a Language

Hi, Steven D Budd here. I’m just pointing out that out of the many available languages you can display on your profile, ASL is not part of it. Nor any sign language for that matter. Is there any way this could be changed? Because sign language is a real form of communication that takes as much time as any other language to master.


Hello, sign language is for use in person when you can see who you are talking to.

Since we communicate only with text messages, why would a language that depends on face to face hand signals be needed?


Maybe such service with sign language?

I asked why it was needed. Do you understand what sign language is? It’s used by deaf people to communicate as a substitute for talking.

Adding ASL would only be useful if the Seller is offering (teaching) sign language for beginners gigs, etc. Sign Language is expressed visually, it would be impossible to do so textually. If the Seller want to add this skill set to their profile and keywords they can do so without Fiverr changing the interface.


Exactly. If you’re offering visual aid or being an instructor here on Fiverr, it would be nice to be able to add ASL as a learned language.

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I was thinking about this.

It’s surprising how few people understand that sign (I could say “BSL” or “FSL” - there is a version of sign for all nations) is an actual language and that deaf people have money to spend, too.

I’d like to see the option available under languages on the profile (I sign - badly!) … but it’s not really necessary for gigs - unless you want to teach it or practice it.

Because it’s a visual language, as @nikavoice mentioned, you’d have to set up a video chat of some kind, for which you’d need permission from CS before you even started.

So far it’s only really Pros who have that option …


I would actually love to learn sign language. I never searched if Sellers are offering these type of gigs. But it’s something I’m interested in. :slightly_smiling_face:

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You’d be surprised how many people have a little sign, but keep it a secret because it “looks funny”! Lol!

#1 daughter set up an evening class at her work to teach people to sign (she’s very fluent). So funny - a new guy had joined the firm, was having trouble communicating, so #1 daughter set about putting things right for him. She can be quite forceful. There were about 20 people who had a little sign who turned up.

They were too shy to sign with the new guy until they knew they weren’t the only ones. Took about 6 weekly classes to get everyone up to speed.

Proud mama here …


Indeed! I just thought it might be useful to use for gigs, or to show your ability like your profile. I understand we can text the customer, that wasn’t really what we were talking about.

I just didn’t see how this would be helpful to potential buyers.

If you have a gig for that, if you plan to use direct person to person chat, it might be.

I took a class at my local college, long, long ago. I was no good at it.