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Signatures for Inbox messages?

Is it possible? I’ve seen some people have it set up in their replies, but not sure how I would go about it… Any ideas?

What type of signatures do you mean? What do they look like?

I believe you are talking about the text that always goes at the end of the message? I generally just type it out on Fiverr since I’m not aware of anything that would automate it. And since external links aren’t allowed on Fiverr, the signature part is kinda impractical anyway.

Automated script that attaches itself to the end of every message you send.

Theoretically it might be allowed if you linked to a sample portfolio that is one of the approved links. The problem is, the help articles only mention those in relation to gig descriptions, not inbox messages. I would find it too risky to try. Even if it passed, it could delay the message while it’s being reviewed by staff.

Oh, the ones I saw basically had a dividing line under their message like

My most popular gig: <Link insert here to fiverr gig>

They must be inserting one of their automatic messages.