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Signed up a while ago, but never got active



I signed up here a while back and was going to take full advantage of this pretty cool system. I never wound up using it as a seller, but would like to give it a shot as a buyer. I’ve posted a buyer request and was just wondering how long it takes to get approved. I’m looking around and not seeing that anywhere.



Mine got approved right away when I created it, what is your GIG about?
I would like to know what causes the verification as well.


Getting a logo and stationery to feel things out for a possible political campaign.



Oh, I’m sorry, I misunderstood you, I thought you were talking from seller’s perspective.
I don’t have any experience with requests sadly, so I cannot help you.

Hope you get the desired answer fast enough.


Ah, thanks! I suppose it actually isn’t a huge rush for me. I’m just painfully impatient!


Dear Cari:

You might find dealing with Buyer Requests to be a painful process.

You might actually get better results by making use of the forum to find your Sellers.

Although it’s been closed by the moderators, this thread may be helpful to you:

Good luck,


Cool, thanks! I’ll check that out and give the forums a shot to find sellers. I’ve been browsing people offering services too. I just figured I’d try posting as well to cover all my bases. :slight_smile:


Nota Bene:

I’d suggest changing “I’ve posted a gig” to “I posted a Buyer Request” in your original post (OP), to minimize new readers of the thread coming along and advising you how to get your gigs published, as I did moments ago in the post I later deleted…

It’ll also give you practice using the editing tools in the Forum.



I’m really new to this…like a few minutes or so new.