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Signed up for Jon Youshaei course: Stories That Sell: 7 Secrets To Create Killer Content

Stories That Sell: 7 Secrets To Create Killer Content by Jon Youshaei

YAY! :partying_face: I Just PAID for my course with instructor Jon Youshaei. :tada:
I’ll definitely post a follow up to share my experience with the people. :pineapple:

About Jon
Marketing manager at YouTube, ranked as one the world’s top marketers by Forbes, Entrepreneur and Inc Magazine.

I’ll start taking the course over the weekend. Woohoo!

If you’re planning on taking his course, feel free to share your experience/thoughts. :grin:

Completed my course. Read my experience here :point_down:t4:


Nice choice. :wink:

Anyone planning to buy any course, grab a 10% discount by using the code :point_right: LearnInstructor10

( valid until Oct 24th, 2018 )


i purchase 2 course but i was dont know about discount


@wp_kid waiting for wordpress courses
when it will be released any idea


If I didn’t stumble upon your post in the other thread, I would’ve paid the full price. :sweat_smile:

I like to save a few coins, too. :money_mouth_face:

So, thanks again. :hugs:


Uh-oh, I’m sure it’s too late for them to apply the discount for you, dunno. :woman_shrugging:t4:

Since the discount must be added during checkout :shopping_cart: for a seamless process.


there is no programing course


No idea. I’m also waiting for some tech category tuts. WordPress, Web Dsign courss will add more value, hopefully Learn. From Fiverr team will concider.


I’m afraid if I sign up for those my buyers will be demanding things I don’t offer in my gigs. It might confuse them.


Yeah, I would love for them to introduce some :musical_note: Music & Audio courses.


Good point, but with the extra perks at stake. I decided to bite the bullet. :smile:


should be option to hide from buyers

I wonder if we can get them removed from our profile after they are on there, in case our buyers get confused by them.


It’s on my shortlist but waiting for the ability to pay with balance or PayPal, that’s how Fiverr pays us, so it should be good enough for us to pay them with, right? :wink:

Miss C, that might actually happen, I guess, I’m getting requests for vaguely but not really or not at all related things to what I offer in my gigs already.

I guess it could give some buyers the idea that courses we take just for our own development might be things we offer as gigs.

Hm, Nika can soon tell us if one can “hide” it from profile if wanted or not.

Have fun with the course but be careful in case you’re planning on offering killer content, VOs or whatever then, it might be a trigger word. :wink:


What if we buy the course but do not actually take it, will it be on our profile? Are tests involved?

I’ve had some confused buyers lately and don’t want to risk more of them.

I like the idea of keeping my profile strictly about what my gigs offer.

It’s going to look strange to be a witch who casts spells but has taken a class in search engine optimization. I can imagine the confusion it will cause. Also would it confuse the algorithm placement of my gigs? I think it would turn off my buyers to see that.

Who wants to buy a spell from someone who has taken a class in search engine optimization? I wouldn’t, I would skip that person if I wanted a spell.


Mila! :rose:

I agree! It would be convenient for me, too. Since PP is my preferred payment processor.

Sure thing, I’ll update here! :ok_hand:t4:

The pressure is on to nail this course. :tropical_drink:

Hilarious! :joy:

I’ll sip on my yummy :coffee: latte while taking this course. Gotta make it a weekend thing tho, my schedule is swamped atm.

The killer content would be elsewhere not here. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Ahem, so, if clients are reading and wondering. :laughing:


there is no option to hide today i complete my first course


Wow, way to to! :confetti_ball::sparkles::ribbon:

Thank you for the update! :slightly_smiling_face:


Wohoo, Good luck Nika! :confetti_ball::tada::confetti_ball::tada:

I had a quick look at the courses they offer & they all look so interesting! I wish they add some for Web Design and other tech related.

let us know your thoughts after completing it, wishing you an exciting & a successful journey. :sunny:


Miss Crystal at the end of the course there’s a quiz, I haven’t had :watch: time to look at things but I do see a quiz at the end. Perhaps @cldisplay_seo can share more deets.

I’m sorry, but this made me laugh so loud.


My mum thought I was losing my mind. I said, “Yeah, Mum, I’m going bonkers. Miss Crystal said something funny”

She was like “who is MissCrystal?”

I said, “She’s a witch”

She said, “Oh” and quickly exited my bedroom. :joy:

Jokes aside, maybe they could add an option to hide these courses. Maybe with a certified badge of some kind. :medal_sports: