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Signing agreement

Hi there.

I have a question. My buyer wants me to make templates for him and don’t resell it for this he wants me to sign agreement? Can i do it? let me know? is this against fiverr? or is it okay?


No it is not against the ToS

Have you signed it before??

Charge him extra for it - exclusive rights agreements mean you can’t use whatever it is in your portfolio.


It’s like i am creating 10 templates for him. He will resell it so for this he needs me to sign an agreement? Should i go and sign it? Thanks

You can’t use any stuff sold on Fiverr for your portfolio as anything you sell is considered work for hire and as such all copyright is transferred to the buying party. You can place a disclaimer in your descriptions to point out that you retain rights to use it in a portfolio and that somewhat covers yourself.

Since signing an agreement often means providing personal contact details (unless you’d sign it as creativehsn), and sharing personal contact information isn’t allowed, it’s best to contact Customer Support and ask them for help and advice. With their permission, you’ll be able to sign this agreement (if you want to do it).


Yes this is only my user name to use not any personal information is required. I contacted them. They didn’t confirm it and suggested me forum?

Fiverr also adding a line that copyrights are transferred automatically unless seller specified differently in his gig.
So if we add a “copyrights” as a gig extra, all copyrights will remain with a seller not buyer, unless buyer will purchase copyrights as a gig extra.


no dont do this!!!

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You have contacted Customer Support, they didn’t tell you whether you’re allowed to sign this agreement, and suggested that you look for the answers on the forum?

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your buyer is asking for commercial license probably which is allowed in fiverr.
Fiverr inspire sellers to have this option in their gigs.

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They replied now and said unless it doesn’t violates our terms and condition you can. Thanks for you help

He is asking me to sign agreement.