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Signing Customer Contract for Service Legal Forms before gig purchase?

Hey there,

I have a client who wants me to fill out a legal contract of services document with name, home address, telephone etc that they are going to file overseas apparently. Not only that they want me to mail them an original signed copy. Now doing this business with a client isn’t unheard of yes, but I am extremely leary of a Fiverr customer requesting this. What is Fiverr’s official stance on this? I couldn’t find it in the forum. What is anyone’s opinion here?

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Sounds like an information overload!

If I were you, I’d contact CS with a screenshot and ask their opinion.

Good luck! :sunny:


For that, you’d need to contact Customer Support and ask them, as @offlinehelpers advised.

Normally, exchange of personal contact information is strictly forbidden, and could get you banned from Fiverr; it’s only allowed when strictly necessary, has to go through the order page (for example, you offer tutoring via Skype, and on the order page, you send your client your Skype ID), and it’s best to get the permission from CS first.

For a case like you describe, definitely contact CS and see what they have to say. It’s certainly not unheard of outside of Fiverr, but Fiverr still has to catch up with some business practices.


Thanks offlinehelpers. Did that and thought it would be something to put out there for any other sellers who may run into this as well.


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Thank-you catwriter. I’m in touch with them and hope this helps anyone else out there too.

Thanks again.

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