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Signing Documents on fiverr?

Hey there
Hope all of you are doing great
Recently a buyer contacted me and wanted me to sign a document that say I’m the creator of this content
I don’t know if fiverr allows us to sign documents online or is it safe to sign documents from buyers
Can anyone guide me if its okay, will I be violating the tos?


Fiverr doesn’t allow any contact outside Fiverr - signing documents would share your outside contact information and is against TOS.

Please read the TOS - there’s a link to it at the bottom of the main page.


There are some things which I hate about Fiverr, but alas, if you want to stay here you will have to follow all the rules… :slight_smile:

There is no reason at all to do this. The order is the contract.

They’re either incompetent or trying to scam you. You should see this and you should also know that it isn’t allowed, for what I feel are obvious reasons if you think of it from Fiverr’s perspective. Read the ToS. No circumstance means you get to break the ToS. And like I said, this isn’t necessary.