Signing up for a Fiverr Card


I was digging around for more information on the Fiverr Card. I am a new seller and read that it takes 14 days for funds to be available after you have completed an order.

If I sign up for the Fiverr card or add my bank, will this allow me to withdraw in less than 14 days or do I still need to wait? I went to the FAQ on banking and the Fiverr card but it doesn’t say this.

Also, for some reason when I try to add my bank, there is no option for USA via Pioneer. This option is only available if you sign up for the Fiverr card which I thought was odd.


you can add your existing payoneer card to fiverr account through “Fiverr Revenue card”.You don’t need any new card.

See this blog post as reference: … you can also search on this fiverr forum. you will get many posts regarding card issue.

If you can’t understand after reading this post,knock me please