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Signs Of a Scammer

They want to talk outside of fiverr

not only is it against the rules and you have to run the risk of getting banned, any professional seller or company would not break the set TOS. It is a lot easier for scammers to get your personal info after they have your email, number, or social media account, and you put yourself in danger.

You are a new seller

It makes sense that scammers would prey on new sellers, as they are inexperienced, often desperate for sales, and don’t know how to differentiate a scam with a legitimate buyer.

They claim to be a hr manager

Scammers have claimed to me that they are a “human resources manager” at a big company. This is false. Large corporations hire in person, where they can see someone’s face. It is incredibly unlikely that a credible and legit established company would hire on fiverr.


Many of these scammers have no interest in being cordial or polite, simply because they are not professionals. Steer clear of buyers like this. Even if they are legit, it will not be pleasant to work with them.

No Reviews

If the buyer has no reviews, this is also something to look out for. Obviously, they are more likely to just be a new buyer, but when coupled with other red flags, this could be telling

I hope this helped ya’ll! Stay safe :heart:


thanks for ur information


your welcome! Glad it helps :slight_smile:


I would also add - they ask for custom samples instead of accepting samples of past work. Custom samples = free work.


yep. that’s a big one, especially for article writers. it happened to me once


This is right way…


A while i got a message from someone telling me he is interested in my gig and gave me a link telling me to click for info, i clicked the link was directed to suspicious site with headline ‘Click here for design info’ , i carelessly clicked the button was directed to some totally irrelevant site. Then i realised i made a mistake, i messaged the guy back he didnt reply. Then got a msg from fiverr he is no longer on fiverr… Now it has been an hour, my laptop disconnected from internet, is being scanned for malware, and viruses.

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dang, i’m so sorry that you have to go thru this. Yeah, never ever open links from anyone; not just on fiverr, but anywhere online in general

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Yeah got to know about phishing and similar links send to other newbies here! And you are right newbies are desperate for first order like me :stuck_out_tongue: though it was common sense shouldn’t have clicked it, but in excitement i kept on clicking :stuck_out_tongue: As you said new sellers should be careful!

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I’ve had a few horrible experiences with buyers with dozens of 5* reviews. With name-calling, intricate refund attempts and everything. :slight_smile: Many sellers are afraid to leave bad reviews to risk the wrath of a buyer so it’s not a very good metric IMO.


thanks your information.

I don’t quite agree on that. I have had many bad experiences with top rated buyers while completely new or no review buyers had really good attitude and were very cooperative.


This one always makes me think because I know a lot of people are new to the platform like me so I shouldn’t be cautious of being scammed but then it’s the same as the way a buyer feels with a seller with no reviews. They want to know why or it’s just me. :slightly_smiling_face:


Wow! Thanks @umerqazi89 for the insight.

Thanks,for your valuable information.

The wanting to talk outside fiverr is huge! That and a new seller. When I started my voice acting stuff, I remember my first message being junk about someone wanting to talk outside Fiverr. So forget that nonsense, keep your common sense!

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It is really a silly point is that who are try to get outside their buyer because it has no guarantee to get your payment after working

“So forget that nonsense, keep your common sense!” I like this, @barrelofmonkeys.

Fortunately in the work that I do I don’t get a lot of that. It seems certain industries and tasks are more targeted than others.

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I pushed out my first gig last night then went to bed. Woke up to -WOW- my first message from a client. Well, excitement turned to a sigh of sadness when the messenger asked to communicate outside of Fiverr. :worried:

Oh well, good on him for trying!

Don’t go outside the platform and all will be good!


I’ve been on Fiverr now for a few days, and feel like this is all the requests I am getting. I’ve gotten 4 now, and every single one has asked that I chat on hangouts or ‘dollar sign kype’ (Note the ‘dollar sign’). I read the communication guidelines and know that everything should be kept within the platform. I then offer them a gig for a 30-minute paid consult to tell me exactly what they want on a voice chat so I can direct them to the correct gig that I offer, and get declined immediately without explanation. So I hope other new sellers beware, and make sure you do your due diligence. Don’t just jump on a chat with someone without knowing they are serious about getting you some work. I personally like having the ability to offer a cheap gig for my time. It’s been a great way to filter out folks who aren’t willing to tell you what they want up front, and are most likely a scammer.

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