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Signs Of a Scammer

Well said I was facing this issue and different scammers from last few months but thanks to Fiverr team they block them instantly.

This is Very Useful information for me.

This is useful for all , thanku.

Some will like to know the method instead buying.

Haven’t had any issues so far.

We are here to learn something. Please don’t be discriminatory against specific places. That’s scammer behavior as per 4th point by OP. Know that your location is also visible on Fiverr and you sound like having vendetta.

Know that your location is also visible on Fiverr and you sound like having vendetta.

Are we… threatening something? Please mind your words here.

I don’t believe I have gone past any boundaries myself. Scammer ARE a negative to the fiverr code of conduct. I’m only helping fiverr maintain a reputable image. And I do not understand the meaning of the 4th point here. Can you clarify please???

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Very helpful post. :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

You know what’s really funny? When the scammer sends you a long brief about the project, before disappearing. I’m a writer so I’m like, “Hey, thank you so much for your wonderful ideas! Now I can use your ideas for my own blog or another client.” Hee hee hee! (Just kidding, I’m not using anyone else’s ideas, but if you’re a buyer, you should be careful to not share your ideas with other writers.)


Writing to customer support telling them your not going to cancel an order. If you writing an email like that you most likely are dealing with a scammer.

Really helpful tips I have learnt here only today. I am a new seller. If you need any form of collaboration kindly contact me. Also, kindly checkout my gig if there is something I am not getting right. Thank you!

In my few years at Fiverr, most scammers I have encountered sent me phishing links and PDFs to trap me. Others have tried to take me out of Fiverr. These are the two most common types I have found here. What helps the MOST is seeing how they communicate. Most scammers use a template that the send to multiple buyers. The tone, the words, the vibes clearly show it’s all fake. So definitely keep an eye on that. Lastly, great job putting this together. It’d certainly help many.

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I’ve found they ask for a free sample and then when told no become abusive.

Recently i received a messege where the person send the ■■■■■, and i repond this: The Fiverr permite the contact only via this chat.

So if is a real person they will contact you via chat, but all of them don’t will respond because they are scammer

thanks for your valuable post

Thanks, Really your valuable instruction is informative…

Thanks for sharing. and dont open / download zip files , because most of scammers send exe files as zip when we unzip it malware start to run in pc . i had very bad experience with one of Nigerian

thanks really your valuable