Silly pet photos


So we’ve seen our pet photos quite a lot here. Some were cute, some were cool, some people have gorgeous looking animals at home…

I thought I’ll start one again, but the rule is, the photo needs to look SILLY.
It can be a silly face, a silly pose, as long as there is something silly about it, that will qualify.

Here’s mine.
My mother found these hats at a 300 yen store. mixi3mixi2


very cute! I like the hats :slight_smile:


Thank you! The best 600 yen ( a little under $6) spent!! :smiley:


I’ll have to dig up more pet photos, but thanks for the adorable post and the explanation. As soon as I read “300 yen store” I had to wonder if it was similar to U.S. “dollar” stores. The prices in the ones where I live really vary from less than a dollar to a few dollars, so I’m guessing the answer is yes based on $3 equivalent!


Well, you asked for it :smiley: I don’t know if these match your silliness factor, but off we go with my Cookie:


OMG woofy… . :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


The “hat” on my doggy’s head isn’t really a hat. It used to be half of the cracked egg toy that we used to own. I have no idea where it went though.




I love it when cats leave their tongues out…:heart_eyes:


There is a 100 yen store ( like Daiso) and there is the 300 yen store.
Yup, it’s like the Dollar store like we see in the states!



Forgot about these.
For you guys out there who owns a pet, try this.
It’s very easy, just draw a pair of cartoon eyes and place it in front of your pet’s face,
and laugh your head off for 10 seconds. mixi1mixi2