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Silly to ask but is there anyone who found their love on fiverr?

since fiverr is growing day by day, Its starting to become a worldwide community. I wonder if anyone ever fell in love with their buyer/seller? @};- :wink:

I’ve been a seller for 2 years & i found my best buddy here :slight_smile:

I found a teammate & a bff.

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Friends, yes. Love, no. >:D<

no way … fiverr does not allowed to exchange personal details here. So the person who fell in love have to break the TOS. lol :stuck_out_tongue:

I wonder if I could fall under any of these categories :slight_smile:

lol. it would be great to make friends here. anyone interested message me :slight_smile:

Does it count if I’m in love with Fiverr? <3

I paid a seller 5 bucks to fall in love with me. Turned out they had bad breath and refused my request for modification so I had to cancel the gig. :stuck_out_tongue: