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How are you?

So, I was just refresh the look and reduce the price of my logo gig service, and the cool things;

  1. Cheap,
  2. Fast,
  3. Fresh and,
  4. Unique.


  1. Fast Response,
  2. Good for any types of business,
  3. Done in just 24 hours :scream:

What do you think?

I hope the buyer will like it and buy some of my logo gig service.

Here is the link, maybe you guys interesting to try: :kissing_heart:

Cheap, Fast, Fresh and Unique Logo Gig

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I think your designs are cute and the presentation is clever.

Even though “buy three for the full price of three” is a strange marketing tactic. But it works in this case.

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Aww Thanks :kissing_heart:

Hmm yeah, you’re right :face_with_monocle:
But it’s fine, because I’ll do the best for the buyer :heart_eyes:
It’s sooo cheap, fast, fresh from the oven and unique :hugs:

Thank you for your support :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

welcome to new gig service

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Thank you for your warm welcome @joyroy0401 :wink:

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