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Simple Fiverr strategy

1 — Create professional, thought-out gigs.

2 — Set an irresistible price.

3 — Be online, respond fast.

4 — Gather reviews.

5 — Raise prices.

Please reply with your inputs.


Yes, that is truly incredibly simplistic.

My advice will always be that you just start out by reading a textbook on marketing and communication and then perhaps start on Fiverr as a buyer to see how a buyer would behave on the platform and how experienced sellers handle customer service. It might also be beneficial to see what not to do if you are so unlucky to buy from a bad seller.

A tip specifically for you: Do not offer “Unlimited Revisions”. Sooner or later, someone is going to take advantage of you and have you do revisions until the end of time.


Yes vibronx is right I also experienced this, when you are buying on fiverr you can sometimes tell like “Omg I hate that this guy is doing this and this” and you can then make sure you don’t do this. This also goes other way “I love that this guy is doing this and this” and its same thing, you can level up your fiverr game by being buyer definitely.


4 — Gather reviews.

I want to hear unsimplified version of this :stuck_out_tongue:

"Once you’ve created your low-priced gig (As I have mentioned), you should be able to land your first projects quickly. Since Fiverr is a platform where reviews and recommendations matter the most, these first projects are really important. You will clearly recognize that after you’ve received your first 5-star reviews, your rankings will be much better, in general. Hence, it is definitely worth to do some work almost for free upfront if you get some good reviews for that in return.
So, make sure that you definitely overdeliver in your first projects and be as pleasant as possible to the client or customer. In general, most customers are already satisfied if you communicate clearly and regularly with them and additionally deliver everything on time.