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Simple Gig/Project Progress Tracking Techniques

New to Fiverr? Feeling the pressure of Freelancing? Crunched for time and trying to make it before the big “LATE” appearing on your gig delivery screen? :). We all know how hard freelancing can become sometimes considering that most of the users try to offer a portfolio of services and work on multiple orders at a time.

I am pretty sure that most of you must be using some high end online platform to manage their projects but there are some simpler tools that can be used to effectively manage your projects and ensure on time delivery.

One effective tool/technique that i have found is to use a simple whiteboard and divide it into 4 quadrants based on time left on a particular gig delivery and the amount of effort required to complete a gig. You can put the TIME on the X Axis and the EFFORT on Y Axis and divide the entire board into 4 sections. Use Sticky notes to move around projects on the board keeping in view your gigs progress.

This will give sellers a live overview of 1) What needs to be completed 2) How soon it needs to be completed and 3) What is the complexity of the task or the amount of effort required for that task. I have found this method to be extremely effective as it has helped me to visually review the multiple gigs/projects that i am managing sometimes.

Try it, it will surely help and save you a lot of time and mental fatigue.

Mohsin Mahmood