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Simple questions about tags and gig edit, please help

Hi again, i have stupid question, but…
If i edit my gigs once per day, its help with up my impressions and views level of gigs? Or its useless?
I change tags only, maybe if this feature not useless, i need edit description also?

And about sharing gigs.
I need share from gigs page to social media + add some tags with # symbol, thats all? Right?
I just know almost nothing about facebook and twitter (we use other social network in our country)

And i still dont have “available now” feature (i done my five order yesterday)… but maybe need to wait more…

  1. You should update you Gig, but not PER DAY. update your Gig if it’s necessary, like low impressions, low views as you have to maintain Fiverr SEO. If you edit your gig, then you will be removed from the ‘recommended’ for around 48 hours. So, if you are out of the searches for 48 hours, you have FEWER people looking at your gig and buying it. This gives your competitors the chance to overtake you. Even if you fall back by a page in the ‘rating’, your impressions are going to go down. Have some research, view similar Gigs and find out best tags for you.
  2. “Available now” feature will work after you must have delivered at least five orders, have less than five orders in queue (delivered orders are also active and they don’t show in queue once you deliver it), have a low cancellation rate. See Details Here

helpful guides thank you

About 2:
I have complite five orders and i dont have orders in quene, and dont have any cancelled orders. Still dont have available now feature…i think i am just unlucky to be in beta-test this feature :sweat:

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Edit the gig it effect ranking of gig you should check at least 3 days if no effect then you can edit the gig but research it then edit

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The ACT of editing your gigs will NOT make it rank better in search results. How you choose to edit your gig, and the content you choose to use might.

There are no simple ways to “manipulate” your way to success. The only way to gain success on Fiverr is to be a great seller, deliver on time, and earn great reviews.

No. Posting your links on social media is pointless, UNLESS the people you are sharing your links with also happen to be the people who need your services. Most people are only connected to their friends on social media. Your friends are not your customer base. You’re going to need to figure out who your target customers are… and market to them.

The “Available Now” feature is in beta. Only a few people have access to it. Truth be told, though, the “Available Now” feature is not going to guarantee you any success either. Offering great services that are seen and appreciated by your target customers are the path to success and repeat orders.

But "be a good seller’ its not a main path to success, i mean if i really good, but not many people see my gigs, coz i dont know how promote my gigs, and dont promoted anyway, so its no matter how i good?
Just, i am not only one in fiverr who do this job, many similar, many on top with many reviews, (i have 5 reviews for one year) If i not do anything like promoting - i stay on bottom with 0 orders, i think, no matter how i good.

And if i use tags in sharing gigs in social media, its help to see other people my gigs, right? Not just a friends list. Maybe, perfect tags help to some people find my gig.
Or you mean sharing not just on my social network homepage, but sharing on groups with similar interesting (like design, photoshop groups) ?
I dont know how facebook or twitter works, really…(in our country to sharing stuff in our social network we post product info in groups, like “group of designer” or "best photoshop works’ etc. but our social network dont work with english language)

Yes it is. Good sellers succeed. Lazy/bad sellers do not. Be a good, proactive, determined seller, and you’ll be on the path toward success here on Fiverr.

The solution is simple: LEARN how to promote your services. Conduct an internet search for “how to market my business”, and spend the time reading through the many great articles that turn up in that search. You have the ability to read. Apply this skill, and you will learn how to market your services.

Stop making excuses. We are not going to do your work/research for you.

Like I said. Posting your links to your friends on social media will not result in sales. It will just annoy your friends. They might even consider it to be spam.

If you want to use social media to promote your gigs, then you NEED to be sharing your links with your target customers. Your personal friends are NOT your target customers.

Posting your links all over other people’s social media groups is spam. The people in those groups are not your customers either – they are most likely spammers just like you who are trying to get people to look at their spammed websites and profiles just like you are. Don’t do it. Those groups will not make you a successful seller.

Then you’re going to have to take some time to figure out how they work. What you have described to me in this post will not work.

Please stop complaining, please stop trying to spam your way to success, and please take the time to learn how to market yourself effectively. YOU need to do this research. It is not my responsibility to either do any of this for you, nor take time out of my own schedule to give you a step-by-step handbook for things YOU are responsible for learning on your own.

Do you wish to be a Fiverr freelancer and motivated Doer, or are you hoping to become magically rich without any dedicated work on your part?

There are no easy paths to success. Expecting easy paths to success is the first step toward failure. I’ve told you what you need to do. It’s up to YOU to do it.


Thanks for advice! I try do some research, but somtimes english language - really hard for me.
One thing good - i dont have any friends on facebook :grinning: so no one report me for spam.

I still dont know how to find customers in social media, its like find people in search bar? Or look peoples who search designer in groups with simillar interest? And just ask this peoples in privat? But its still be a spam…Anyway, you dont tell me this secret, i guess, but thanks!

I’m sure there are plenty of Russian language articles out there as well. I don’t speak Russian, so I cannot help you in that area.

Just because you don’t know anyone that you’d be spamming, does not make it a good idea.

There is no secret. I’ve told you what you need to do. Conduct an internet search, read the many articles about marketing, and apply the information you learn to the growth and outreach of your services. Research and business marketing are not easy, but they aren’t supposed to be.

Being in business isn’t easy either – but again, it’s not supposed to be.

Research. Work. Build your success.


Thanks for advice! I hope my english “writting skills” not so bad, and you did not hurt your eyes when reading me :sweat:

While English is clearly not your primary language, you appear to have suitable enough skills to be understood here on the forums. I appreciate your concern for my eyes. I am happy to report that they are fine.

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