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Simple Steps To Achieve 1st Page Ranking

  1. SEO- Keyword the title, description, content, and images within your website.
  2. Backlinks- Drip feed direct class c high pr9 social sites to your website.
  3. Keyword Traffic- Drive keyword traffic directly related to SEO within your website.
  4. Ping- Use a ping service to notify search engines about your website.
  5. Index- Use a index service to notify search engines about your website.

Follow these simple steps and continue this system over and over to maintain ranking with search engines once achieved. If you change anything within your website after ranking, you will lose the ranking and have to do the steps again immediately. Happy rankings!

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Q: How can I become a gold-medal Olympic swimmer?
A: Swim really fast!

Q: How can I achieve 1st page ranking?
A: [read the OP’s post]

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