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Simple steps to increase your sales


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Great tips. Thanks a lot


Thank you for the helpful tips!


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You cannot expect to get orders everyday. keep sending out buyer requests eventually you will get few more. Once you earn a badge level one then level 2 your gigs will be high up in the search you will get more orders then.


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Great tips, thanks I will try to follow


Yeah ,yes I got it, your tips may be seen much much people . they will give you
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Wow a great tips you wrote here! Thanks for sharing. I just started on Fiver like 2 or 3 days ago and I have created 2 Gigs (will create more soon).
I think it’s a bit hard to start first sale because the buyer request is full with seller’s gig promotions lol I know it’s a bit silly but that’s happened.
If you have more time, would you mind to visit my gig and maybe you could help me to tell what’s the lack of my gigs, but if you’re busy that’s okay :slight_smile: I’m happy enough to read your tips.

Have a good day :raising_hand_woman:


thanks more help full information :pray::pray:


inspiring!! specially the 6th point.


thanks it is very help full for me and really wanna increase my sells with positive ratings.thanks again.


now i am spent 27th day on fiverr as a seller . i got 4 orders after starting fiverr account in 3 days. 3 orders came from by sending buyer requests. but now i am not having any orders from the buyers .everyday i sending buyer requests but no good result. can anyone help please…


I loved it. Thanks for sharing


I don’t get it. I dont’ even have views. How do am I suppose to get sales then?


If you have a look around the forum you’ll find lots of great help.

If you want other users to critique your gigs, you can post them in ‘Improve My Gig’.

I really would remove your website URL from your profile and description - Fiverr doesn’t like that! :sunny:


Thank You for sharing


Thanks for inspiration.


How to get project i need work


Thanks for the guidance!