Simply Ask


Got a question, not sure if the gig is what you are after, not 100% sure on the gig description ?

Click on Contact Seller before you order and they will get back to you ASAP.

It’s quick and easy to simply ask, never assume :wink:


Reply to @arnevb: I have contacted support and explained (pleaded)… will let you know how I get on…


I have had to mutually cancel well over 2000 gigs though so there are quite a few buyers out there who only seem to read the gig title I think and not the description…


And yet indeed…

I have "If you have any questions before placing an order then please ask and I will get back to you promptly"

Not sure how to be clearer ?


Reply to @madmoo: It is in my mind bizarre. The same people who seem happy to spend $5 on something they have not understood, then ask for more or complain when you deliver EXACTLY as described in the gig description…


Reply to @jeffmoses: Jeff, I have also been on the flip side of that too where a buyer misunderstood my gig description and proceeded to order in a way that was out of scope with my description. It does get stressful.

To deal with that, I respond to the buyer right away and tell them to either order more gigs or that I can only deliver what is in the description. Mostof them are apologetic and admit to not reading the my gig’s description.

We, as sellers, have to ask too :wink:



Reply to @hotwebideas: I agree Bruce, we all as sellers must do our best too and try to remain polite and professional even with the odd crazy person :wink:


Because of the above post, have to mutually cancel so many orders. I was a Top Rated seller but due to buyers not reading the description I now have no level. Not fair at all but that’s just the way it is :frowning:

Still make lots of sales so not sure buyers look at seller level when making a decision to order, 100% and a lot of positive feedback gives them confidence…


Reply to @madmoo: Haha, yes it is a slight annoyance of mine, mainly as I have no control over making people read, lol.


Reply to @madmoo: I got over it a while ago, but it is annoying. Should be a Top Rated Seller as that’s what I am :wink:

Have to see the bigger picture and I really don’t think the lack of the badge is effecting my sales. Then again how would I know…


They have come up trumps and added a Level 2 badge and features to me. Not quite TRS which I had but much better than where I was :slight_smile:


Reply to @madmoo: :slight_smile: Customer Support spot on as always :slight_smile:


Reply to @madmoo: Always fast and efficient when I need their help :slight_smile: