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Simply cannot open Fiverr on Firefox

Firefox is my favorite browser and I haven’t been able to open Fiverr on it for about 14 hours. I tried clearing my cookies and everything else I could think of. Nothing worked. I even opened up the dreaded IE and I’m having similar problems on there. I thought perhaps the site was just down until I opened up Chrome and gave it a try – Chrome is working with Fiverr perfectly fine. What is going on? I’d hate to use two browsers; one for Fiverr specifically, and one for everything else.

I’ve also uploaded a file of the message I keep getting every time I entire Fiverr’s url on Firefox.

I can’t seem to get the file to show up on my end in the comments. Let me know if you guys see it, please.

I’m using Firefox now with no trouble. I can’t see your screenshot and images don’t work well directly uploaded to the forums. If you want to display it, you might try a hosting service like Puush or Photobucket. I imagine this is an issue with your browser or computer since I haven’t seen others posting in mass about it.

I had this problem a few months ago and it was my antivirus blocking that specific site (Avast antivirus) and so I had to create an exception in that to make Fiverr work again. I wonder if it is a similar problem with your browser?

If you have add-on’s or extensions installed, you might try removing them one at a time. Just to see if that might be the problem.