Simply rules for get more buyers for New sellers


This is just my experiencing & Simply rules for get more buyers for New sellers

  1. Make Gig page banner or video more Eye catching and related to your service. (check it how look like on Fiverr search result )

  2. Add Gig page more clear and meaningful and describe your services.

  3. Important : Do not forgot add your work samples links but i think we can’t link our portfolio website for that so i am using Flicker Gallery for it & fiverr allowed that.

  4. Go to Buyer Requests (in selling tab ) section and apply for Buyer Requests.

  5. stay online as much as (specially USA times with my experience ) because buyers like to get reply as much as quickly so they are checking Online Status most of time. ( i do this all the time when i need fiverr sellers help)


Gig is on first page yet no order
Still figuring it out

yes i also did it and get buyers quickly
Its totaly true