Simpsons tapped out


So I paid $5 for more donuts and so on, I want to know is this a recurring payment or just a one off payment, i also worry that with my password so on that fiver will just buy donuts in game with my own money?


You gave you password that has your financial details attached to it to somebody on Fiverr who you do not know?

You are going to have to worry a whole lot more about a $5.00 recurring payment. Cancel your credit cards now.

I just looked through some of the people who offer a Simpsons tapped out service. One of the highest rated sellers has a negative feedback that says the following:

“W A R N I N G ! ! ! This seller requested email details of my son who wrongly and mistakenly sent them. Finally, our Paypal account was fraudulently debited just over US $100 for no goods or services supplied. Be very wary of this seller and steer clear. Thieves abound and my son was duped.


This is my favourite thread of today. For all of the reasons.