Since 15 days not getting orders


hello how are you i hope you will be alright bro since 15 days i have not received even one order i have 1100 review although I didn’t got any bad review. My impressions are getting down day by day the have reached to 10k from 80k so please help me if you can guide me in any way. I will be very thankful to you



In the words of the legend who is Noddy Holder:
IT’S CHRISTMAS!!! (shouted really loudly at the top of your voice!) :slightly_smiling_face:


hello sir thank you so much for your response can you please guide that how to promote my gigs and on what social medias i can promote them and how can i raise the impressions of my gigs please i will be very thankful to you



same here bro, My impressions also getting down to the 10k :frowning:


You’ve got really good feedback and many loyal clients - just keep doing whatever you’ve been doing. It is the holiday season so orders are bound to drop.

Good luck! :sunny:


do you have any suggestion for me ???


Relax until the New Year?

Seriously, most folks here finish for the holidays tomorrow and won’t start back at work until 2nd January at the earliest.

Have a read of the link in the post above. :slightly_smiling_face:


OK Thank you soooooo much


Hello aamir!

I hope you will also well and good in times. I have same situation I just got 1 order and day by day I am disappoint because of not getting orders or review! :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::cry:


You’ve had plenty of good suggestions to help you:


You are motivating me right now :blush:


You are not Alone :slight_smile: