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Since a year ago, no buyer


since a year ago, I haven’t seen a buyer , pls what can I do


Same here. It’s been a 4 months but no buyer yet.


Hi, I’ve looked at your gigs and there are things you could improve.

  • The images/graphics you use don’t catch attention because they look outdated and not very clear. (Remember a lot of people buy on mobile, so you need to view how it looks from the customers point of view)
  • You need to show examples of work you have done because you can’t see your experience or what you would be getting if you bought your gig.
  • Some of the gigs don’t have much writing.
    Take a look at the top sellers gigs to see how they word there gigs along with the images and work they produce.

I hope that helps you a little.


I will correct that now, thanks


Do you use Buyer Requests section? It’s the only way through which you can gain exposure for your gigs and get orders. Since you are yet to have a 1st buyer, I am not sure whether Fiverr will allow you to respond to buyer requests though.

Just continue doing honest and hard work in your field. Eventually people will take notice of you

1 year is a long time to go without a single order! I commend your patience.

Never give up on doing the work that you love. You will achieve success if you keep consistently working for it.

Best wishes :slight_smile:

-MKG Arts


Keep doing your work! I’m sure you will reach the people eventually, and don’t forget being active here in the forum, that helps a lot!


Buyer Requests is overfilled with seller’s spam.
It’s Buyer/not Seller Request.

PS. Is it only me annoyed with seller’s spam everywhere ?
Sorry, may be I’m not right


Yeah you are right. Some of them have broken English - so much so that it doesn’t make any sense. Hardly any buyers over there.


Strongly agree with you.


I agree lol. I’ve seen self promotional messages in the buyer requests section quite often. I annoys the heck out of me. Why can’t they use their brains and rather use seller’s request section, which is meant for this exact purpose?

Also, a seller’s broken English is a full stop for getting any potential clients no matter how good you are in your field of work. You better learn English first and then sell on Fiverr haha.


hahahahahahaha let’s create a section: “Pocket-English for Fiverr sellers”


same here ,


Write a description of you as a professional.
And yes, Spam-sellers are a huge problem, I hate them too!


Um, ok. :neutral_face:

So, you were just waiting patiently? Goodness, gracious! or you just let the account go dormant for a while?

Pour yourself a hot cup of :tea: or :coffee: this is a good read. :arrow_down:


Wow this is terrible. I wish you more luck in future.


I am yet to receive any buyer…:cry::cry:


Hey, don’t feel sad :slight_smile:

You’re too new. You will get buyers.

Best of luck!


Hi @mubashirrezwan You have spellings, grammar and formatting all over the place. Some of it doesn’t make sense either so why would a potential client let you post on their social media if you can’t get it right in your gig. Sorry to be blunt but I hope you can use a free app like Grammarly to help you. Good luck


i was facing this situation, i just asked the support to check and they rested my profile and orders started again


Exactly what did you told the support team?