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Since COVID-19 started I'm getting few jobs from the Spanish industry

Hi, how are you?, long time without posting.
I wanted to ask you about your experience since the coronavirus outbreak. I work with Spanish SEO and orders were drastically reduced, also impressions and clicks. I want to know if the Spanish industry was specially harmed or all marketing people worldwide are facing the same.

Thank you, kind regards.


I can’t comment on the Spanish CEO category, because that isn’t a service category that I am familiar with. However, I can say with certainty that there is a drastically increased level of competition on Fiverr, as a result of the global pandemic. More sellers, means existing sellers tend to see lower metrics from the search results. Perhaps there are too many people trying to sell services for your keywords, and your services aren’t being seen as much.

It’s also worth noting that, people just might not be searching for your services as much. The world is changing – even moreso because of Covid. Perhaps there isn’t as much demand for your services now, compared to in the past.

Perhaps this might be a good time to start marketing and promoting your own services too, instead of relying on only the Fiverr search system to provide all your orders.


Yes, you are right, I created my own website but will take months until ranking.
Thank you for your advice!

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@spanishmarket How to get more traffic to our gigs?
What is your promoting technique?

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I only used to update my gigs description periodically depending on metrics and was enough.
Do you have any additional suggestion to promote within Fiverr?

Thank you.

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@Jonbaas you seem very familiar to me. I’m sure we worked together when I worked for a translation company hiring services through Fiverr.

I checked my extensive client list, and I can confirm that I have never worked for you. Nor have I ever offered any language translation services.

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The user was “ivanney” or “smartlation” probably, it wasnt this account which is personal.

I also searched for it, the user was “nonamethen”. Nevermind, just a curiosity, or maybe the name sounds from somewhere else, but I saw you somewhere.

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You’ve probably seen comments from me here on the forum. I’ve been very active here, posting many comments, tips, and advice for years. You could throw a digital stone (so to speak), and easily hit one of my comments. They’re all over the place. :wink:


Aaahh, that’t smart, I meet you here and I tell you I remember you from somewhere else.
Sorry for distracting you with that mistake.
Thank you again for your advice!

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No need to apologize. :wink:

You’re welcome!

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@spanishmarket I never tried different methods. But sharing in facebook groups works well for me.

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Thank you, I will try with the website and sharing on its social channels

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