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Since Fiverr 3.0 I've not gotten ONE order

I’ve got a great rating, reviews and I’m level 2. What happened? The orders just stopped.

Not slowed down or thinned out, they STOPPED. Does anyone know the reason for this?

Can anyone make an educated guess at least, I’m kinda bleeding money here.

I wonder if that’s the case with me? I thought it was because I’d raised prices on my gigs…

I have to say I really hate the latest “upgrade.” I used to see the number in my To Do list on the top of the screen - a nice, helpful number. Now all I get is a stupid blue dot. I’m surprised no one else has complained about this…

I’ve gotten 2 since 3.0 :smiley:

4 orders in 2 weeks, but until the release of Fiverr 3.0 I’ve got 4-8 orders per day. This version is helping just a few sellers (most of them are TRS).

I had a slump in sales when Version 2 went live, but this time is definitely worse for me, too. Fortunately I’ve been really busy with local orders, so I haven’t minded, but I think this is the longest I’ve gone without a sale since I started. And from reading other posts, many of us are being affected. Hopefully once all the categories are sub-categorized and everything’s indexed, the I’s are dotted and the T’s crossed, that will change.

I have got orders from non-popular gigs of mine…but overall my sales is down 95% which is quite insane… I wish they revert this algo change, as my new gigs are ranking way up higher with no reviews or ratings.

Usually my advise is be patient, things change. But I must admit I’m getting nervous. Not only am I not getting any sales, I’m not getting any messages. I could count on 5 to 8 messages a day from potential clients. NONE, ZERO, DRIED UP.

Like most, I study the gigs who are ranked higher than me on my keywords. I make changes but nothing seems to help. It’s as if I’m stuck where I am while other gigs with lower ratings, lower number of gigs, etc are ranked higher than me.

What can we do? Honest answer is NOTHING.

Good luck to all.

It seems that Fiverr 3.0 release started the death of Fiverr project… Many sellers will leave Fiverr since they get a few orders, or even no sales…

Reply to @whitehatseo10: Actually, lots of people said that after version 2, because so many people saw such a dramatic drop in sales. And here we are, about 15 months later with more members and more gigs than ever. Undoubtedly some people will leave, and version 3 may be their “last straw”, but plenty of members hung in there last time, and plenty more hopped on board. And predictions of Fiverr’s demise will once again be proven wrong~

Yeah, have patience, it seems that these things take time to ‘bed down’. My enquiries and orders tailed off dramatically for about a week, then they came back a few days ago. I think it will turn out fine and I like the new layout.

I’m wondering if we editing all of our gigs and “reposted” them if they would show up in the searches again… no idea!!!

Reply to @forchrissake:

forchrissake said: I'm wondering if we editing all of our gigs and "reposted" them if they would show up in the searches again... no idea!!!!!

I tried to edit and nothing changed. My gig is still buried under 1 star gig's. Together with other gigs all from top sellers with 5k, 10k, 12k reviews , etc. But, there is one person who was in the same situation . "dino_stark" . His gig was moved from "hell" to "heaven" :)) from page 6 right to top.. He was more vocal and someone solved his problem..

Same thing happened to me! Before Fiverr 3.0, I was getting several sales a week. Now after Fiverr 3.0 came out, I am lucky if I get one a week. This really stinks!!

Hate the blue dot…