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Since I became a level one seller everything has gone wrong

I had 7 gigs and I reached my first 11 sales in a few months, everything was going great, then I reached level one, and I have 11 gigs now.

My views and clicks have decreased drastically and I haven’t had a conversion or even a message in months… can someone take a look at my page and see if there’s something wrong?

I added some videos along with my gigs, which think are good, or not too bad, but that is was i was doing with my first set of gigs anyways so i don’t understand! I don’t even get messages and I used to get a lot!


New sellers gets a bump up in the search engine and showed at top of pages but as of now you are little old to site and Level 1 seller so you have to work hard to get your gig at top
There are too many level ,level 2 and TRS sellers so welcome to the competition
Wish you good luck

:frowning_face: does that make sense? anyone else?

It makes perfect sense. Fiverr does not guarantee sales to anyone, but they do encourage sellers to work hard to find their own customers, and built their own success. Fiverr is not a vending machine of sales, it is merely a place where you host your freelance services. YOU still need to do the work to build your business, just live every other business does.

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You need to start promoting your gigs on various social networks.

May be worth checking the prices of your competitors in each of the categories and adjusting your prices if necessary.