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Since I joined fiverr no order yet

Ever since I joined fiverr have not gotten any single order and I need cash to sort out some issues around me. Please I need you advice on how I can get sales.

sent buyer request daily

Use Professional Gig videos @cathyarticle

The English on your gig descriptions needs some attention. If you want someone to hire you to write for them, then they expect your writing to be perfect. At the moment it is not. I thought a seller with a BA in English from a US university would already know this.

I’ve really struggled to find a qualification known as B.A. - English Education, especially in the United States. I’d love to know more about it…

Fiverr is not a CASH machine :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Maybe I’m going crazy - but I could swear I saw this profile a bit ago, and the picture was a lady of color.
Now, she’s caucasian. Odd.
The mystery deepens.

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It has changed since it was first posted!!