Since I leveled up, I'm not getting much orders


From the beginning I really worked hard and provided a good service with my gigs. So, I was with the intention that I could gain a level up soon. But it took so long. And after I was leveled up, I’m not getting much orders as I did before leveling up. So, what should I do?


I have had bizarre dry spells as well. One week I had three days straight with no orders. Then all of a sudden, I got about 10 gigs in one day. It’s probably just a dry spell, but if it doesn’t pick up, you can try changing your search words to get new customers landing on your gig when they search.


Same problem with me too. first month, sales was high, and second and third month, very little sales


Another tip you could try is changing the wording in your title or description to get a new set of eyes.


Same here :frowning:


I wish my family tree gig ran hot but then if I was flooded I would fall out of the tree…lol


Always work on improve and promote your gig.As long as you offer good quality and good service, you will get people to you eventually…

Good luck… :slight_smile:


That happened to me too for a few days but then all the sudden the orders started pouring in. Be patient :slight_smile:


Orders can run hot and cold on Fiverr, so make sure you are out there making your gigs work for you,during the down times make sure you market market market, stay active with the community and your social networkings websites. Good luck in 2013 with your gig(s)


“tn5rr2012” and “arnevb” you are right!