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Since I refused to do the multiple task just for 5$, buyer given 3 star ratings

She ordered 6 gigs and asked me to do multiple different tasks. I kindly asked her to order gigs one by one for the tasks. I completed the first assignment she asked me to do and delivered on time and kept reminding to order if she wants me to do multiple work. For the 2 gigs she had given positive feed back and for another 2 just 3 stars and to the balance gig she refrained from commenting. Eventually, without any extra charge I did all her task and delivered on time. I spent 3/4 days to completed. Since her behavior, my star points have been down and I have been down from the recommended page as well. So far I havent had any business. Can you guys tell me what should I do to up my level as before. Please advise me.

This is a bit confusing. Your post title says that the buyer wanted multiple tasks for $5 but your post says she ordered 6 gigs. If she ordered 6 that sounds like you were paid $30 so I’m not exactly sure what you mean. I see the 2 reviews you described on your profile but those were 2 months ago.

Your rating is still high, so why not just move forward? If you keep doing good work and improve your communication you’ll get more 5 star reviews and your percentage will go up. I think Fiverr search and page rankings aren’t working well for most people right now but if Fiverr fixes it you will (supposedly) go highr in search as you keep getting more good orders.

@silberma1976: I did all the assignments which she asked me to do.

@fonthaunt: Yes she ordered 6 gigs. Each gig had multiple different work. I think you have seen the wrong gig. This was happened 13 days ago. Yeah, I am trying hard to get back my positive rates.

If someone places an order that is outside of the gig that you do, or they request extra work, then you can politely offer a mutual cancellation right from the beginning to avoid all that.

Reply to @graphicprincess: Ok. My answer is still the same. 97% isn’t a bad rating even though it feels frustrating. You can ask Fiverr Customer Support for help and/or you can contact the buyer and try to work it out. In the meantime, I would still suggest that you move forward with other buyers and your rating will go up in time.