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Since level changes massive increase in dishonest buyers

I believe others have commented on this before, but since the new incredibly flawed level system which is massively skewed towards high volume sellers has been introduced, I have seen a massive upsurge in buyers placing dishonest orders, attempting to get much more than they are paying for.

Because as sellers we are ‘marked down’ for job cancellations, more and more buyers have been placing orders for the absolute minimum whilst asking for more than that, not to mention refusing to acknowledge commercial usage, and then refusing to cancel. In the same way that I’ve noticed my orders drop off since I was zapped down the seller levels due to not realising that I had to report spam if I didn’t want to reply to it, the reduction of orders now means that if I have to cancel with a dishonest (or occasionally stupid) buyer, the impact on my ability to meet my level criteria of each case has grown exponentially.

I know that the rules for the level system are quite simplistic, and theoretically are easy to achieve, but having delivered nearly 1000 orders with a 100% 5* satisfaction rate, the new level system has massively kicked me in the balls, despite the fact that I frankly provide a level of service far above and beyond what would expected, and most recently because of a succession of buyers taking the piss. The worst offenders are usually people selling gigs to others to which my service would be a part, so they know EXACTLY what they are doing.

I’m not sure what to do about it since FIverr’s customer service is frankly laughable (although on the last occasion I at least got an explanation rather than a meaningless cut and paste), but I’ve basically stopped pointing anyone to my fiverr profile over the last few months because the 20% commission rate seems rather more insulting given the attitude of those running the site to those of us who have negative experiences or express dissatisfaction.

To add insult to injury, the last two times I dropped levels it was the result of me responding to messages but the utterly useless fiverr app either crashed or didn’t send my replies so I got marked down due to response rates. On the back of not being able to deliver an order on time because the website fell over repeatedly as my deadline approached and then passed when trying to upload my delivery.

Anyone else experienced an upsurge in fraudulent buyers?


Also, I always seem to get a dodgy buyer the first couple of days into a new evaluation period. The best bit is, even if THEY cancel it, it still counts against me.

Its utterly ridiculous.


Is this the often-concealed commercial use you are referring to?

I think certain services are more of a target to fraudulent buyers than others. Some sellers also seem to be more plagued with problems than others. I hope you find a way to overcome your difficult issues. This is if you want to remain at 5r. Maybe you don’t, though.

I haven’t experience any fraudulent buyers for a long time, just a massive drop in sales compared to last year.

I don’t know who likes the new level changes. I’ve yet to meet anyone who’s making more money or doing better.


How did the Level program used to work?

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I haven’t experienced any fraudulent buyers, as far as I can tell. Just a lot of buyers asking for ridiculous workloads within the shortest timeframe. Translating 20k words within 2 days? Sure, I’ve got nothing else to do… What I did notice, however, was that more and more people contact me to try to get me onto other platforms, sending attachments with website names and I am supposed to offer my gigs there. Maybe they know that Fiverr may be digging its own grave? :thinking:

You had to complete certain requirements to become a level 1, level 2, and if you were lucky, you might get promoted to TRS. Demotions were rare, I only know one person who was demoted for always being late with his orders, and worst of all, had a ton of cancellations due to lateness. He had a huge queue, he was offering too much and kept getting orders constantly, but he couldn’t keep up.

Account warnings were also rare because it was hard for buyers to report bad or rude sellers. Right now is just a click, back then they had to fill up a form. Now we all have to be very careful with what we say, because reporting us is extremely easy, one click away.

This I can’t help you with. I read your post, did you send CS your documentation? You have to prove it to them. Also, make sure every sale has already cleared since it’s 14 days for most people. You should also know that only 80% of each order will clear, 20% is the commission Fiverr keeps.

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Yes, I know. (20% is Fiverr fees/commission). Funds in the “Cleared” category shows the funds after deducting the fees.

I have sent every document with detail facts to the CS. However, I am worried about my previous withdrawal to which I haven’t checked anything. I will have to go into detail with all my previous earnings. This bug could have affected my previous earnings too. :frowning:

I document all my daily and monthly sales, refunds, etc, on an excell document.

I rarely see a huge difference between my calculations and Fiverr’s calculations. Also, keep in mind that money is constantly going from expected earnings to pending clearance to cleared, so it can get confusing.

Fiverr could be right and you won’t even know it.

Expected earning shows your current (running) orders which are not yet complete. Pending Clearance shows only those orders that are marked as complete and is under 14 day clearance time period. Cleared shows only those that are cleared after completing the 14 day time period and is shown in the Available Funds.

I have sent them the order numbers too to check in detail.

Waiting for the CS reply.

Konichiwa, I for one am doing much better with the new level system.


Isn’t that EXACTLY how it still works now? :wink:


I haven’t had any upsurge in fraudulent buyers. The cancellation issues with the level system did push me to raise prices to avoid bargain shoppers who might cancel too easily and it worked, so if anything I’ve had less fraudulent buyers than before. They were pretty rare for me all along, though.

For leveling up, it hasn’t really changed except that you have to toe a slightly steeper line. The big difference is that you can be demoted if you don’t keep toeing the line. For the most part it seems to be buyer-fault cancellations that I personally dislike about it. Otherwise, the updated level system may have improved things a little bit for me.

This is true for me too. My order volume is up a little, but my income is up a lot. I keep extending delivery times and such to slow things down just a little because I’ve been so busy. I am sure there will still be totally dead times for me too, but I had those before the level system changed.


Honestly, the new level system forces people to take on only enough work they can take which means that sellers that didn’t care about order completion now HAVE to limit their orders.


I think loads of us have seen drops in orders. I was getting good steady orders but now nothing for almost a month so I am using other sites more now.


That’s because happy sellers don’t post as often as angry or disappointed ones - that’s just human nature. Also, sellers who are doing well may not have enough time to post on the forums, because they are completing orders.


Hi fastcopywriter, it’s nice to meet you.


I don’t believe the levels are too important for our success, but I think it is OUR OWN engagement.
I had a huuge drop at beginning of these changes, but I worked a lot to ADAPT.
Our response rate, speed, delivery on time and quality of delivery. I’ve been working to improve on all that for the past several months, and guess what,

My income DOUBLED here (that’s right) and I’m working more than ever

@paulmaplesden I even manage to post here on the forum and in fact, forum suggestions helped me a lot to improve and am working to improve every day. Change is the only constant.

The trick is to try to improve every single day at what you do - and do not focus on solving the negative, but on improving the POSITIVE.
…speaking from experience, I wish you great success. PT: Positive thinking


How are you doing better? Just trying to get an understanding about the difference. It will help me understand the current system better.