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Since my physical condition is bad, Could you please help me, How can I cancel by help center?

At present my physical condition is very bad. I admit to hospital. The doctor says I have to stay in the hospital for several days.
In this situation, It will not be possible to complete my running 1 order. I have already explained my condition and sent my hospital documents to my client. The client wants to cancel the order and she already opened an order dispute cancelation.
I want to cancel my order by the Fiverr customer support center. I have sent the screenshot of the client’s conversation and hospital documents to the Fiverr help center several times. But the help center replies my- Due to the high demand, the current response times may extend up to 10 business days.
Since my physical condition is bad, Could you please help me, How can I cancel by help center?


Why can’t you just accept the cancellation request yourself?


I am sorry to hear about your current situation. I hope you get better soon. Unfortunately, this is one of the disadvantages when it comes to freelancing. You have very little protection when you get sick.

If your buyer does not want to extend your delivery time, then I do not think CS can help you. As unfair as it may seem, you entered into a contract with the buyer to deliver by a certain date, and you failed to do so. Your buyer has every right to cancel, and I suggest that you accept their cancellation request.


I’m sorry for your condition and hope you will feel better soon.

I see you already had another topic with the same question and @coerdelion already gave you a good answer.


I thought cancellation by support may helpful for my profile. But I can understand now.

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Fiverr doesn’t want sellers to cancel orders (or try to get around the consequences of order cancellations), so ALL cancellations will affect your current seller metrics. Asking Fiverr to accept a buyer’s cancellation request, on your behalf, is a cancellation that will likely drop your completed orders rating. It is unwise to try to try to find ways to avoid the consequences of specific actions.


Not sure about this. I had cancellation done by CS and it did nothing to my metrics. It is just annoying me in my 100% statistics. But the cancelation is not visible anywhere except here.

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I think there’s a difference between having Fiverr cancel an order that was a mistake, or involved inappropriate behavior, and @sarminakter1234 refusing to cancel a simple buyer cancellation request, and hoping that by getting Fiverr to do it instead (something Fiverr does not need to be involved with), she can avoid the consequences of a cancellation.

I doubt Fiverr would waive the consequences on something she could both do on her own, and something that is her responsibility to manage. She was, clearly, trying to get around the consequences, and I’m pretty sure Fiverr would see that as well.


Well, she is sick and going to the hospital (maybe :thinking:) it is hardly justifiable for her to be “punished” with profile damage. I am thinking the same thing as you are sick in a real company. They can’t fire you or give your office to someone else the moment you step out on sick leave.


It is also baffling why she can’t just click the accept cancellation button. It’s a one-click action. She did/does appear to have plenty of time to send a message to CS and ask them to do it for her. All she has to do is click accept. If she accepts the buyer’s cancellation request, the issue is resolved, and she won’t have to worry about the order while she is hospitalized.

She presented the issue to her buyer, and the buyer chose a cancellation. Hospital or not, it is still a cancelled order. The same would apply to any other seller who has the flu, or broke his/her typing fingers, etc. I’m not trying to be insensitive, I’m just pointing out the fairness of the issue.

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It is not justifiable at all. However freelancers are protected way less than employees. As an employee you have insurance and your sick days covered by a company and your teammates that can cover for you.
When you are a freelancer you don’t get the same benefits of sick leave and holidays paid.
If you take a day off it means you wouldn’t have income for that period if you don’t work. If you take a sick leave you also have to accept the consequences of cancelled orders and not being paid.

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I’m going to jump in, because I had a situation like this myself.

February: 2 weeks flu. No chance to work. Orders were postponed and cancelled. Result = Level 0.

Last week: birth of my son. No chance to work. Every single order could be moved.

We are talking about 10-20 orders in total.
The customer service was not necessary for this.

If you are self-employed you have to expect such a risk. And don’t hope that the support was somehow there for you


That’s not a fair or reasonable comparison. Freelancers and employees operate in different environments. You can’t be fired by your employer just because you are sick. But a freelancer has responsibilities they themselves must manage. If you can’t complete an order, for any reason, and that order gets cancelled (or, in this case, the buyer asks for a fair and reasonable cancellation), you don’t get a free pass. The management responsibilities fall on the buyer-seller to manage. There is no fairness in asking the buyer to wait 10 days for Fiverr to cancel an order (what if the buyer has a deadline?), when the seller can just cancel the order herself.

The buyer asked for a cancellation. Where is the fairness in asking the buyer to wait, merely because the seller doesn’t want to accept the consequences of canceling an order she cannot complete?


Well, the good thing about opinions is that they can be changed. i agree with your logic.

I come from 15 years in the same company working in a large building with a lot of other small companies and in most cases when someone was sick it wasn’t a very pleasant thing to ask for sick leave. The cleaning lady cut a portion of her finger when the old gate closed to fast and she had to come back to work like, immediately, so I am kinda sensitive on that subject (being sick and degraded if you stop working).

She should cancel. If this happened to me I would not cancel too, maybe. I would look for option that is good for me and the buyer, but I would not mention being sick either. I would just find someone ( I would have a list of pretested people I can trust) to outsource the work and let one of the family members handle the delivery with the note that revisions will be available when I am back.


Hey, I get it. When you’re freelancing sometimes it is hard to catch a break, and bad luck stuff happens. I’m really sorry you’re unwell. Customer Support is unlikely to cancel on your behalf because the buyer has already requested a cancellation. You will also have to wait 10+ days for a response from CS, and the answer isn’t likely to be yes, so you really are better off just accepting the cancellation.

I’m sorry you’ve had some bad luck health-wise and that you have to cancel an order. I get it, it sucks. Hope you feel better soon!


Also, this isn’t like in school where you don’t lose points if you provide a doctor’s note. If you can’t deliver on time or have to cancel, that affects your buyer regardless of your condition and you don’t avoid penalty for that by being sick.

This is another reason why I don’t care about levels. I can’t control what they order or what.