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Since the start, I've never posted any gigs on the forum. Let's see how this goes

Here it is. My first Fiverr Forum gig attempt. Never wanted to spam up the place with a Gig post, but I figured what the hell. Let’s try one.

" 50+ Real Facebook Likes from Canada and the USA. Real being the key word. No Bots. Simple.

I offer a tried, tested and true service. No magic. No spam. I’ll promote your page to my network of peers until you get 50 likes. No gimmicks or shams, just simple old school networking to my small group of Likers.

Here’s what you get:

50 Real members to your fan page or web site button.

Permanent. I don’t use software. My numbers don’t ever drop because they’re real accounts, real people.

My network is from Canada and the USA. Nowhere else.

Fast and reliable.

Safe and simple. Now isn’t that easy?

Stop messing with the crap and try the original real deal in social marketing. Over 2.5 years on Fiverr with no negatives, and over 10000 services rendered. The original Big Bad Billy, the original ‘Real deal’.

Please note. I promote to my network of pre-selected members who agree and do this with me.

My likes are safe, not software created and do, in fact help a little in the SEO area. But please remember. You can buy a Like, but you can’t buy a fan. Most of my group doesn’t even look at the pages they like. They just Like. So if you’re looking for conversion, the only way to do that is the old way. Promote your page!

(My max is 2 gigs. 100 Likes. I just don’t have any more right now.)

Here’s the link and cheers.

Thanks @madmoo. That’s the reason I’ve still been around all this time, and the way I maintain my feedback. I’m honest about what I do.

(And I don’t use Bots).

But in the grand scheme, my likes are pretty much about as interactive as a software like. But there is still a big difference I think.

I suppose I can add that I ‘have’ seen some of my members actually like a page they have liked and actually stick with it for real… But that happens like… .001 percent of the time. lol

@madmoo. They would all stay, because that’s the agreement we have. Keep in mind, they do get paid. Well, some get paid a little and some get perks… such as likes to whatever they want liked. Or both.

The issue of (Seeing posts from pages you don’t “Really” like) is solved in a simple way. If they get sick of seeing someone posts, they simply alter their page settings so the offending Facebook page doesn’t show up in their newsfeed. But, they never un-like.

I’ll say that I’ve provided my service, over the years to more than a few of the ‘Regular’ posters of the Fiverr forum. Including some that openly post they don’t approve of my type of service. However, they probably just wanted to see, like you. Never had a complaint though. But I don’t think any of them got any active members. Then again, I don’t really know. One of them did. It was me. Yes. I am included in my own group of likers. lol

The cool thing about my service, and the hard part was simply being able to deliver really fast. I solved this by posting 4 times a day (2 on the weekends) at exact times. Everyone knows when to log in and check for fresh pages. At the same times every day. And BAM! Quick deliveries! LOL. But once I worked out my system, it’s like clockwork and I do, in fact, provide a good fast service. (At least I think so…) I do provide this service outside of Fiverr. But Fiverr accounts for about 40% of my sales now. So I never, ever, try to merge my outside work with here. It would just be stupid to risk 40%.

@madmoo. In that case, I wouldn’t worry to much about likes from me. (Not that I’m trying to divert away a sale LOL). But 950 Likes is no small feat! And since you’re already on your way, there’s no point really. Again, not that I’m saying ‘Not’ to order my gig. Ha ha.

Anyhow. Like I said. You’re already up there. And don’t downplay what you’ve got. Anyone who earns 950 real likes is doing something right.