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Since today I'm Top Seller!


Just that. After 10 months offering my gigs I reach the Top Seller rank! I’m happy :slight_smile:

Thanks to all for your support.

@anarchofighter Have you some dance video gift to celebrate?

Greetings to all!


Well done hopefully I’ll see the same results!!


Congratulations. I was going to ask you how come you only have one gig, but with 37 people in your queue, I can see why.


Reply to @horizonzero:

Thanks! Hope the same for you soon :slight_smile:


Thanks! In fact I had two gigs but I couldn’t accomplish with all requests. Then I decided to keep online just the more productive one.

All the best!


Conga Rats!


Wow, I’ve been here for 9 months yet I’m only a Level One seller, hahaha. This is awesome. <3 I hope I can reach this kind of success someday! Congratulations! Thank you for giving us hope, haha. :smiley:


Grats! :slight_smile: I’ve been offering my gigs for 3 years soon with a 100% rating and lowest gig having no less than 4.9 stars. So hopefully it’s my turn too soon :smiley:


Reply to @adsensewizard: You deserve it! You have more than 4000 sales with excellent service and rating. I don’t understand why you have not ascended to Top Level yet. Also: are you living exclusively from the Fiverr incomes?


Reply to @kahzumi: Thanks Kahzumi. Hope the best for you and your gig.


Reply to @adsensewizard: That’s strange you should be a Top Rated Seller


Congrats! How much did you make your first month? I sell logo designn, and had six orders my first week. Is that a good start?


Congratszzzzz and good show, well done!

Best Regards,


Your First Stop On!


Absolutely, here’s some Ponies and Dance Music.


Congratz. But I do wonder how you made TRS with such a relatively low number of sales.


That is so awesome! Congratulations!


Sometimes I wish I am in design field :slight_smile:

with selling guest posts I will never become TRS :frowning:


Reply to @m2webs: Chin up! I know of a few people with writing gigs (and no design gigs) who are TRS. One often posts on the forum and she at least does blog posts although I don’t know if she does guest posts. No reason I know of you can’t become a TRS. You just keep doing what you do and do it really well! There are Top Rated Sellers in every category. Back to - :slight_smile:


Reply to @fonthaunt: Actually, I do not need TRS because of that badge, but I like their options. Have ideas for more gigs but can’t make them as I have 20 working gigs. Also, all my extras are pretty much used so no space for another extra.


amazing, you get it very fast,

Best of luck to double your sales,