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"Since We Haven't Heard from you..."

I got this email, get them periodically when you deactivate my gigs:

Since we haven’t heard back from you, we assume you are currently unavailable to work on Fiverr. Your Gigs have been paused and removed from our listings.

Well, I haven’t heard from YOU. And… you assume?
What kind of service is that?


You can just go to the Gigs tab and reactivate your Gigs

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“It’s been a while since we’ve seen jonarranger — their last post was 5 months ago.”


If you are inactive, Fiverr is going to take your gigs out of search results to ensure buyers can select from active users. It accommodates the sellers who are actively working, and I don’t see a problem in that.


I am available… but my listing is a niche service. 99% of my customers come in from my own website - they find my business in search on Google. I’ve only had one hit ever on Fiverr.
My problem is with “Since we haven’t heard from you…” - well, I’ve been busy taking care of my customers.
And… Fiverr takes 20%. WTF? Next time I won’t answer the email.

I find that better than a certain other site where even if you are active on site but not getting orders, after a while, they severely reduce your visibility until you get an order. Great way to encourage remaining active on that platform. :roll_eyes:

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Can you explain what is technically a problem or issue here?

Fiverr is a paying platform for advertising your services. You do not pay to use the site in case you do not have profit. But if you do have profit payment is 20% of your asking price.

Fiverr doesn’t set your asking price.

If you want to make 10$, you put your service price at 14$. Simple.
Also Fiverr as a business site has TOS that must be read before making a profile and using the site, and in the TOS it is clearly explained how the site payments structure is set.

Another thing is if a person is not using the site or visiting the site, there is no point of Fiverr keeping that person GIG in search results over others that are actually using the site.

Unpausing the GIGs is easy as logging in once a month.

Then visit Fiverr once a week.

Fiverr is not “set up a profile - get sales” kind of platform. It takes time and effort to build a portfolio.
If you have your own running business and Fiverr is just a side attraction, then just visit the site once a week or month to keep your profile active for potential buyers.

Keep in mind that Fiverr is updating the algorithm and constantly improving the search results so changing and updating GIGs to fit the new algorithm is a must.

Stay safe.


This is what I have a problem with. Who is the “user” in your scenario? They don’t need me visiting the site to refer business. My customers are other users, not me. By sending an email of this nature, they’re pestering me into taking unnecessary actions, with an implied scold for me not visiting the site. I don’t like the tone of it… it’s anti-customer. When you took 20% of my last sale, you don’t have to pester me to visit the site for no reason.

No, you are a seller on a market. If you do not come in the morning and open your store, who is gonna buy from you?

Fiverr checks who came on the market and shows those sellers to passing by buyers.

If you are not here, you are not presented to buyers, other people who are here and opened up their store are.

They did not take anything from you. When you pay for a parking spot, did they took money from you?
When you go to a convention and rent a spot, do they take money from you?

You are paying for the service of using the platform. Or not even that, you do not pay anything, your clients are.

Set your prices 20% above your rate, why is that issue.

You want 10$ charge 14$.


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Sellers come and sellers go, some no doubt die, and others suffer life changing events and injuries that mean they’re unlikely to ever log in again. It’s human nature for people (particularly after death or major trauma!) to forget about their account rather than close it down.

I say the above because I imagine Fiverr will be looking to purge inactive accounts so that buyers don’t place an order with a ‘seller’ who will never service that order - causing great inconvenience to the buyer. I actually think it’s sound business sense for Fiverr to do so.

At the end of the day, Fiverr has only paused your gigs - not deleted them or your account. This isn’t anything major. Just reactivate your gigs.

But do bear in mind that according to all the chit chat on the forums, Fiverr’s mighty algorithm will favour sellers who are active on the platform every now and then rather than those who leave their account dormant. So although you say you’ve only ever had one ‘hit’ from Fiverr, by not logging into your account you’re probably harming your own chances of getting more ‘hits’.

And yes, Fiverr take 20 percent. It’s the foundation of Fiverr. They take 20% of all orders.


This isn’t a storefront in a freaking shopping mall. It’s a website. Traffic is 24/7.

“They did not take anything from you.” Yes they did. So did the parking meter and convention. They took my money.

Why did you park there? You could park in front of your house or walk there, or not even go there.
Why did you go to convention to promote your work? You could stay in your house.

We, the sellers here, are constantly asking that not only GIGs from inactive sellers are paused but for them to be removed from the site completely. Delete their profiles.

Why would there be clutter of inactive sellers in search results when we, others, are constantly here, working and improving our GIGs, using the system, checking the new rules and participating in improvements?

Why would we lose sale or spots in search results because of inactive sellers?

For those who are here. When you are offline, you are not here, others are. Clients want to talk with active sellers, not offline sellers.

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You put up a gig or gigs, either you get hits or you don’t.The more hits you get, the more prominent your listing becomes in the Fiverr SERP. If you’re in a niche business, then you’ll come up in search no matter how active you are.

Fiverr IS exactly that - a “Set up a profile-get sales” kind of a platform. And, you pay for the service, at a rate greater than an agent’s fee.
Tell me, why should I bother to promote my gigs on Fiverr when I have traffic coming in from my own website…without a commission? This idea if a Fiverr community might work for users buying from each other, but for me, and in reality, it’s just a listing service, that takes a really high commission - that keeps shutting off my gigs and emailing me about it.

It might be easier to see Sellers as the product on the shelf. Just like in a store, if an item isn’t selling, it eventually gets removed. It’s not profitable for a store

You have a very valid point.

I guess the answer is ‘don’t’. If Fiverr isn’t working for you, then consider closing down your Fiverr profile.


Another nonsense argument. Fiver notifies you when you get a hit. You don’t have to be on the site at the moment to get a hit. If you don’t respond in a timely way, they ding you.

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You are missing a 2 years of information about how Fiverr works, how it changed during COVID and what is it now.

Read Fiverr 3.0. Welcome to "Fiverr 3.0"!

No, you do not. But you won’t get a hit. Because you will not be in search results.

Fiverr wants active users on the site, not once-a-year visitors.

When I was away for a week and did not log on to my profile I got zero messages, next week I was on site every day, every day I got messages and 3 orders.

Plus a bazillion other things that you need to try out and test out so the algorithm starts to like you and put you in front of others.

13236 sellers, and only 50 spots on the first page of results.

Who should get that spot?

Active seller, or “I will visit now and then” seller?

You need to be an active member of the site to get benefits from the site.


You “technically” don’t pay for be on Fiverr. You just agree to have a 20% fee on every order for being on the platform. To compensate that, just increase your prices to however you deem fit.

If that and logging into the site a handful of times a month are a deal breaker for you, then good luck on wherever else you take your business.