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Since when buyers are on Fiverr?


Maybe it’s some kind of spying, but… I think that is very useful.

So, in old Fiverr version, when you click on some buyer / seller profile name, you are redirected to that user profile page. There you could see since when user is joined Fiverr and last activity in minutes, hours or days.

Now, in new Fiverr you can see from when is someone joined Fiverr and that is only for sellers. Not for buyers. For buyers there are no such data.

And sometime I want to to see who is contact me, who’s buying my gig (is user new or old buyer - maybe I don’t want to work with newbies) and is that user online in last 10 - 15 min or in maybe couple of hours, so when I try to contact them to know does they avoid me or just they are not online.

If buyer can know almost everything about us, why shouldn’t we (sellers) know something about them?

That’s my suggestion for Fiverr Techical Support. And I’m pretty sure that is possible to restore that option.

What do you think about this suggestion?

What’s your experience with this missing buyers information?


Uh! That will be very good - to know buyers cancellation ratio. In that way we can see who is problematic buyer and what we can expect from that user…

And, if Fiverr Technical Support restore option that I wrote about with this cancellation rate, that will be bingo!