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Since when?


Sorry if this is the wrong category but I think the answers I hope to receive could be a tip for sellers.

I searched the forum for an answer and I couldn’t find one, I searched the TOS for an answer and I couldn’t find one. So I guess I will have to post a thread to get an answer.

I withdrew funds from Fiverr this morning even though it was a small amount, it was enough for a pack of diapers at least! Anyway, generally I only receives finds in my account once a day at the max. However, today it happened twice. This is great because I could really use the money today! So I go to make my second withdrawal and it says no, you have reached your maximum number of withdrawals for the day. What the what!! Since when? It’s not like it’s any effort on Fiverrs part to let me make two withdrawals in 24 hours so why can’t I do it? I have dealt with the fact that I have to wait 14+ days to retrieve my funds, I added the plus because often times its more than 14 days. I have no choice but to wait the mandatory time period plus extra when it tickles their fancy to do so but I have waited and now my money is there so why can’t I have what I earned when I’m supposed to have it!? I don’t mind rules but I have an issue with a business that I pay for making up the rules as they go. I feel like a business this size should have their stuff together and not be so disorganized and all over the place! I guarantee they have their 20% already so why can’t I withdraw my funds that I earned and have been patiently waiting for?

I’m sure the president of fiverr doesn’t see the big deal of waiting an extra day for $16 but it’s a big deal for some of the meager seller servants with little people who depend on them. Today I feel like what I get for my 20% is a headache and a nice, big “go beep yourself”. awesome…


I have withdrawn money at 11pm and then made another at 1pm the next day just last week. This was within 24 hours and allowed. Where is the rule on this? All they say is to wait 14 days so on day 16 what rule says I can’t take out a second withdrawal? The point is, they make this stuff up as they go and even worse these imaginary “rules” only apply once in awhile. Most importantly, when I work all day everyday, I deserve to be able to get my money by the end of day 14 days no matter what. Why isn’t this in the terms of service? To say that we can withdraw our funds in 14 days and then not allow it is a pretty significant breach of the tos. My funds from this morning were from a job marked complete by the buyer 16 days ago and the funds from this afternoon that fiverr is holding against their own tos is from 15 days ago. This is a clear breach of the tos whereas trying to withdraw my late funds whenever they show as available is not. I guess the tos don’t really matter apparently.


It’s true, only one withdraw per day. (NOTE: 1 Withdrawal within a 24 hour period. But it is possible to withdrawal funds in close proximity to each other. You just have to time it right.) All I know is I was able to do a similar 2 withdrawals much like you did. One late at night and another in the mid afternoon and it worked for both. (Maybe 12 hours between them at most.) But I think the system “refreshes” at a specific time each day. Theoretically you can do a withdrawal right before the refresh and right after and they both would work. This would get you two withdrawals within a few hours of each other, but you wouldn’t be able to withdrawal again until after the next refresh 24 hours later.

I don’t know when this “refresh” happens. I originally thought it happened when the stats update daily but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Admittedly this is purely a guess on my part but it seems all evidence supports this.


Reply to @theslackjaw: your theory seems to be the case. I still don’t see where it says this though in any Fiverr official way. I just think that 14 + days is long enough to wait and if they were not being honest about being able to withdraw after two weeks then perhaps now is the time to own up to it.