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Singers... how about a little effort ?!

Used two different singers for song demos and both times the vocal was as boring and lifeless as possible. Yes, they asked for a guide track, but that is to “guide” them for an idea, not the only notes and intonation they will do ! Ever hear of “selling the song” ??!!

The other problem is prima donna singers who think they deserve BIG MONEY for 30 seconds, or bigger for 240 seconds !!.. ummm a song is 3-5 minutes and you are not worth multi-hundreds in a first work with a producer !

This last guy I used advertised “top-shelf” vocals…first communication he sends is “do you want high quality” !!! WTF !!! No, I want shitty tracks, just like you sent that I paid your top price asked for !
Very frustrated with fiverr “singers”


Hi dear! How are you?
I am so sorry to hear that you had bad experiences with the singers. Like everything in life there are good and bad services, A good option is ask for a demo if you are not sure with the singer :slight_smile:

I want to be excellent for my clients so as a customer can you give me tips for give a better service to my people? It would help me a lot!

Big huuug


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A few tips for “singers”:
1- post vids of singing the styles you are comfortable with, even if karaoke tracks… I see too many advertising “singing”, but just strum an acoustic … I want to see singing a style similar to my tune, not guitar.
2- do NOT charge by the half-minute ! This just results in possible clients rejecting your profile and leaves a negative image… charge per song (ok to specify “extra charges if over 5 minutes”) that is reasonable … not by every 30 seconds
3- be reasonable on your rates… no one knows you or your abilities UNTIL a second project… and in the real world it is the same… first projects get a discount until YOU establish yourself with the CLIENT…, it is NOT about YOU, it is about the PROJECT.
4- THE MOST IMPORTANT ! Give YOUR BEST performance when you accept a gig ! Asking for a guide track and just mimicking the notes without feelings or intonation is just a waste of everyones time and money !
Why have to be asked for multiple redo’s when you could have put in the effort to do it right THE FIRST TIME !

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have to agree,not had a good experience with singers on fiverr