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Single buyer ruined my sales for the long term

Just here to vent a bit.

I used to be a Level Two seller with a 5.0 star average. Now I don’t have a level at all and my average is 4.9 with a 67% on-time delivery rate. All because of one buyer.

So they ordered from me once. I delivered what I thought was a great product, they didn’t ask for any revisions, and left a 4 star review. My only other 4 star review before that was someone that didn’t know how to press a button on a website and I tried to politely explain it to them and they left a 4 star review anyway for the inconvenience that caused. So, I asked the buyer (not the one that didn’t know how to press the button, the one this post is about) politely in our DMs what I could’ve done for a 5 star review, especially considering she didn’t even ask for revisions and I thought I delivered a pretty good product.

Doesn’t respond.

Next thing I know, she orders two more presentations without messaging me first (which isn’t a policy of mine, but it did throw me off that someone would want to order from me again if I was only “4-star quality” last time. But, it was a lot of money so I did it. Since these presentations were for the same brand and similar to the first presentation I did for them, I asked if they wanted me to use the same template or make a new one. Even with some nudging, they didn’t respond until after the order was due. Then, they responded with “Why isn’t it finished yet?” and not the actual answer to the question I asked, which I did manage to get later. So my delivery date is overdue for two orders at this point. They say they want the same template as last time, which was a little weird to me since they gave it a 4-star review last time. I did it anyway, delivered the orders (both late).

Next day, they both get 4 star reviews. I politely ask what I could’ve done for 5 stars again. This time they respond.

They say that they would’ve given 5 stars if the template/design was better and if it wasn’t delivered late. They asked me for that specific template AND they were the reason it was delivered late (since I was waiting for their response).

So I lost both my levels and I haven’t gotten very many orders since then.

Because of this one buyer.


it’s really very rude and pathetic situation

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As I mentioned to another post on the community, Fiverr needs to allow us Sellers to Accept or Decline orders. This would probably lower the cancellation rate. I to have in caps and bold letters on my profile stating to contact me prior to any orders.


This is really annoying ! dont worry you will get your level again :slight_smile:


yes,fiverr should give space to the seller as well

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Well my friend having any level really doesn’t matter that much. If You are doing your work right go to buyers request section and send proposals there. I would also recommend You make a few more gigs.

That’s why I keep saying this platform should fix this terrible flaw on downgrading the level so harshly. If they don’t change, I think slowly people won’t be interested in working for them and leave gradually.

They should also

  1. Create “Buyer’s Rating” rather than having a seller take this responsibility!

  2. Create a button for seller if they accept to take this order or not!

( Had 3 or 2 awkward scripts that I wasn’t interested in working on cause my level drops )


It is very pathetic event.

Totally agree with you, we must informed before client want work with us. Sometimes they need more work in then chosen from gig and after they gives Bad reviews.

I don’t see this happening. Sure, new sellers that don’t set goals, don’t work to achieve those goals, and then complain when the nothing they do results in nothing, will likely leave Fiverr. But there are thousands of sellers here on Fiverr who work within the rules of the site, and are successful on all sorts of levels. The good sellers know how to work within Fiverr’s platform, and they make good money here. The sellers that don’t want to do the work required to build their business will likely go find something else easy to do.

Good sellers aren’t going anywhere. Which is good, because Fiverr wants those kinds of sellers, and they want those kinds of sellers to succeed.

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I think before having your both orders run late, you should have used the resolution center. There, you can click on the “buyer didn’t give me the required information” button and ask the buyer again what you need to know. I believe as soon as the resolution center is used, the timer won’t run further until the client gave you the information you need. That way, you could have at least avoided the late deliveries.


Also, receiving the resolution center’s notification will definitely get the buyer’s attention if they can’t be bothered to talk to you otherwise.

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Yikes :frowning: I don’t even know what I would have done in a situation like that. That is frustrating.

Very sad matter. Hope you will come back soon.353_ttjx_400x400

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It’s a horrible thing happening here all the time. I am a new seller and surfing this forum for just a few days. In this time I have seen this type of topic several times. I don’t know why buyers can be so irresponsible like this.

I hate to tell you this, but you did not get dinged because of that buyer. You got hurt because you decided to wait and do nothing. If you have a buyer who is not responding, it is up to you to enter a cancellation with enough time so that even if they stay silent for 2 days, then it auto cancels and does not go late. You decision to wait and not control the situation is what hurt you.


I agree to you! There should be an option like that.

I have been recommending the point 2 to Fiverr for the last 5 years. Still they have not implemented such a button.

I agree with this. Fiverr should allow us to accept or decline offers. You have no freewill with the current method, If someone ordered from you, even if that person isn’t willing to comply to our policy (like explaining the requirements before the job) we still have to proceed.

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