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Single Fiverr Account on Two Laptops

Hello everyone,
I just bought a new laptop and I was wondering if it’s allowed by Fiverr to use ONE account on Two laptops?
I am planning to keep using old laptop until I gain some working speed on the new one that’s why I wanted to know if I can do this without voilating the TOS or not?

Looking forward to your valueable input.

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Yes, you can do that.


Thanks @lloydsolutions for your quick response.
However, I face a problem in accessing my Fiverr account from my new laptop. As soon as I open using my new laptop, the browser automatically closes immediately. I am using Google Chrome. Is this something you know about?

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Can’t help you with that …. I use the Windows Edge browser. You could try that if you have it. Works fine for me.

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I’ve used fiverr on both my laptop and desktop at the same time (well I leave my desktop running and move to a different area with the laptop) without issue, so I would think using two laptops would be the same? The issue with TOS is using one computer (or IP address) for multiple accounts, as you’re only allowed one fiverr account.


Thanks for sharing your expereience @sue_mcl. :+1:

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it’s 100% ok , when I travel I use my laptop … home I use a pc

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