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Single Gig or Many?

I’ve just started out on Fiverr and currently have one gig setup at the moment. I’m thinking of setting up a few gigs but not sure how many is too many.

I was wondering what experiences other sellers have had with having multiple gigs setup? Did you that it was best to specialise in one gig or create many and try to catch buyers that way?


Well, if you have more than one skill to offer, then you should try having more than one gig. For example, my main skill is video editing so obviously I have a gig for that. However, I’m also pretty good with cleaning up audio and touching up pictures. Bam! 2 more gigs.

More skills -> More gigs -> More people reached -> More money! :slight_smile:

Trust me bro, if you create more similar gigs you won’t like what’s gonna happen cuz
they will shut off you best gig

So if you have other skills or other service to provide you can create a new gig for it but if you don’t then don’t create more than one gig

Best of luck