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Single order refunded twice. Why?



I got a note to say that an order from November had been refunded due to the buyer doing a chargeback.

That’s sucks, but there is a bigger issue here. The gig was $100, but $160 has been taken from my account (2x$80). This customer only ever placed one order with me - so not sure why there is a duplicate refund.

Anyone else seen this before?



Hi, I’m sorry about this. I have never experienced this and I’ll also love to learn from those who have had this experienced.


I’ve seen this happen to me too. In my case the refund was only one time but it appeared on my earnings page to be twice, when actually it was once.

You might be able to get customer support to refund your order to you. Show them you delivered it on time and just as it was described on your gig description and see what they say.


I’m happy to say that customer support got back to me within a few hours, and the extra $80 was returned to me :grinning:

They also said their team will try and fight the chargeback, and if that’s successful the original $80 will be returned as well.