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Single paypal accounts for two different Fiverr accounts?


I have been using Fiverr for 2 months or so. My friend recently joined and wants to withdraw his Fiverr money on my Paypal account. The paypal account has been linked to my fiverr account and I have withdrawn to it several times.

Does Fiverr allow this ?


No - your friend needs his own PayPal account to withdraw to.


In addition to what @offlinehelpers said, if your friend tries to connect his Fiverr account with your PayPal, both of you could get banned.


Why doesn’t your friend withdraw his money on his own Paypal account?


Because of Fiverr Policy didn’t allow this method. They take it to mass account violation.


@gexlibu I strongly suggest that you remove your friend’s account from your Paypal immediately, before your account here gets banned.

I am telling you this for your own protection. I like the Nepalese people very much and do not want to see you have a problem like this.

If possible your friend should get his own Paypal account. He is going to get you in trouble by doing this.

Fiverr assumes that you have two accounts when you do this and bans you. Remove it now!


You cannot use a single PayPal for two accounts, the consequence is one of the accounts getting banned