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Single paypall account for two fiverr accounts (change)

I have been using Fiverr for 8 months or so. My friend is using Fiverr 5 years maybe… So, he withraw money on my paypal account. Now, I have money to withdraw, but my paypal is already in use. Can he change my paypal email to his own, so that I can withdraw on my pp account. Is there will be a problem? Does Fiverr allow this ? Or we are going to be banned?

Yes a big problem for which you can get banned. Tell your friend to immediately remove your Paypal from his account.

No he cannot change his email to your Paypal. He needs to use his own Paypal account.

To fiverr it appears you have two accounts.

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My paypal is already used by him, I didn’t connect my fiverr account with that paypal. Answer is can he change now to his own paypal account, so my will be free for use?

I don’t know how to maneuver Paypal accounts around among different people like that sorry. Maybe someone else knows.

It sounds like a violation of both fiverr’s rules and Paypal’s rules.

Thank you for your reply. Solution is, I will create new paypal and use that one :smiley: