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Sir I have been about a month and no order has been received

Dear Sir!

Sir I have been about a month and no order has been received. Can you guide me and check my account and tell me what is the problem why I have not received the order. I have completed the order but now I have not received any order for over a month. Please guide me as to why I did not receive the order. Help me with this. Thank you




Hello @javediqbal621 Make your profile description real,How can you have 15 years of graphic designer experience if you graduated in 2017?

Try to keep real photo of you or Nice Logo on profile image.

Adjust your GIG packages keep each package unique.

Improve the description of each GIG.

Add a nice Video of GIG.

Promote your GIGS on social media.

Work on it and never be upset.:slight_smile:

Have a nice day !

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So, no woman is allowed to check your profile?

You’re aware that this is forum, with Fiverr sellers and buyers, and that many of them (both buyers and sellers) are women? But you don’t think that women are competent enough, so they shouldn’t even try to see your profile?