Sir, Sir/Ma'am, or Nothing?


How should we address buyers while sending an offer to a buyer request posted in the “Recent Buyer Requests” section? What do you guys do? There is no way to determine the gender of a buyer unless it is evident from the profile photo.


yes now way to identify but for me in a situation like this i’l just Hello or probably Hi.hmmmm




Just be polite and say Hello, or hey. Don’t use slangs or any ‘please hire me!!!I will do your gig!!!’ Just state your past experience, or put a link leading to your sample. That way you will get more sales!


Just avoid gender and also too-familiar terms like “hello dear” or worse. “Bro,” “friend” or similar. Keep it simple.


It’s an interesting question

I always start talking with a “new” buyer at inbox or via buyer request introducing myself, something like:

Hello, my name is Sergio from Spain

And here is where I start the discussion about the project


I think you gave the best answer so far.


Dear sirmaam.


Thanks! :slight_smile:

It has always worked good to me so far




Don’t be racist.


“To whom it may concern,”


Always start with hi or hello. After doing a few sales and with increased trust level, you may start with dear…


I always says Hi, (username )


This is better


Dear, never use dear, nobody is your dear, we are all professionals.


Happened with me Somtimes in past. That i addressed many females as sir


my indian people will dear you all the way


@supermandk hmmm every female in any force is normaly address has ‘Sir’


You cannot spell, yet sell writing services. I think we can safely discount your opinion on this issue. In any case, this is Fiverr, not the armed forces. Dear.