Sir, why do not I order fiverr after doing so much work? If I get more orders, please tell me


Hi, why do not I order fiverr after doing so much work? If I get more orders, please tell me.


I dunno! :woman_shrugging:

There is nothing wrong with order page, so go ahead.


There’s nothing wrong. just go ahead man. best wisjes for you


You’re not going to get more orders (as a seller) by complaining that you aren’t getting orders here on the Fiverr forums. Figure out how to reach your customers, set goals and achieve them. THAT is how successful sellers become successful.


thank youuuuuuuuuuuu


Monnacox, it is good for you to ask for help. That’s what this community is for, particularly in this category.

Here is my advice: Quit and start over. This time, don’t earn a 3-star rating as your first review.

I assume the two people who bought from you several days after that bad review, when you had just a 3-star rating, were friends of yours. No stranger would have ignored the sea of 5-star, $5 offers in your crowded categories to order from you, and no one else will, either. Ever.

If you have a few dozen more friends like them, go ahead and get them to order from you. There is nothing wrong with that. However, their kindness is better spent improving the ratings of a new profile, since your current one was tainted by your first buyer (who we can presume was the only buyer you’ve ever had who isn’t in some way related to you).

There is no point in starting over - or going forward - unless you will stop making excuses for poor performance, as you did in your response to your bad review. You MUST exceed buyer expectations at Fiverr, every time, no matter what. Survival at Fiverr takes excellence, innovation and perseverance. You have so far lacked the first of those.

Remember to delete your current account before opening your new one, in accordance with Fiverr’s TOS.


Sir, will I close this account, open another?


That is my advice, but not if are going to simply repeat your 3-star debut. My experience with new sellers as that at least half of them have no clue as to how to exceed buyer expectations, and you appear so far to be one of them.


Sir, I did so much trouble, but no profit. The mind says, I will stop the work.


bro…share your gig in social media it will be help to get new order


You are too early in your Fiverr career to expect a profit anyway. I made $176 my first month selling on Fiverr (January 2017) and worked 200 hours to get there. By the end of the following month, I was full time at this.

The incredibly-long-hours-for-extremely-low-pay-to-greatly-exceed-buyers’-unrealistic-expectations phase is the major hurdle that washes out 90% of sellers, and makes that level-1 badge something to be very proud of.


Nowadays every seller should know Social media marketing to promote his/her gigs. There is no alternate way. The last couple of weeks I researched a lot about this and I find out it. Sellers who are comparatively new and doing very well, most of them have a very strong social profile. Fiverr also encourage it. So go ahead with it!


I always wonder if I’m the only exception to this, as I don’t do any of this. Yet I make a living.


“Sir, why do not I order fiverr” – can’t get that. Can you elaborate some more? You want orders or?


Not necessarily true. I don’t have a social media account. And I don’t care. That’s not the #1 rule of success. People still use Google and the search option on Fiverr, you know.


Most of the seller have the same prolem. We are not getting sells. This is one of the reason is that this is now holiday season. Most of the clients are now in the vacation. I hope every this will be OK from the January.


I see you are a Writer. So why not go to facebook groups who need writes? Find this type of groups and promote your self. I hope you will get bunches of orders.


Me too. I see a lot of people telling others to promote their gig on social media, but I cannot recall anyone saying that it actually made an impact for themselves, or specifically what that impact was.

My “friends” would have no need of my services.


Facebook always locks out my profile and wants me to send a “real photo,” 10 times a month. It’s part of their non-sense politics that they applied the last 1-2 years. Instagram is full with spammy profiles that sub and unsub 3 days after. Twitter is fine I guess, but it’s useful if you’re already famous.

If you really want a social media platform that works, try Vkontakte or OdnoKlassniki. They are Russian, and OK is better. I don’t really have time for that, but you can try, if you have the nerves.


The problem is, no one goes on Facebook to be sold something. They go to look at cat videos. People search the Fiverr listings to be sold something.