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Site changed and I can't withdraw my earnings

So the site is changed and the desktop version is missing some stuff. One thing is I can’t find buyer requests and the other thing, the one that’s really bothering me is, I can’t withdraw my money. The earnings part is missing. I can see next to my profile picture that I have money available but I can’t find a way to withdraw it. I already submitted a ticket to Fiverr but you know…they will take their time to answer and I really want to know if this is happening to anyone else or if am I missing anything in this new version of the site… Thank you everyone in advance.


Good evening, Tamara!
First of all, try to zoom out (when the resolution of your screen is low, all menu items are hidden).
If it doesn’t help, try to find the button next to Fiverr logo, and you will see all sections listed.


Thanks. I found it :blush: what about the buyer requests?

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Try to find “More” button.
If not, just use the following link:

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