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Site development on *ex toys / dolls


Hi everyone,

I recently had an order to develop a site which sells *ex toys dolls etc, (there are dummy nude content i should work with ). I just need to know that before proceeding to the order. is this is something violates TOS? that’s it. Hope a good advice from a moderate who has good experience with. I don’t want to loose my account just working on an order. :sweat_smile:

Thank you!


MAy god help you:smile:


haha, very funny… :sweat_smile:



I was once asked to translate a website with adult contents,and in another case
I was asked to translate an erotic story.
I checked with the CS just in case and honestly told them what I was dealing with,
and they told me it was fine.
It was OK in my case, but I would check with CS juuuuust in case.

If I am contacted by another buyer in the future who wants to me to work on something
similar, I’ll check with CS again.


Hi @zeus777

That’s great to hear. Thanks for sharing your experience. I just updated CS about the situation and explained the scenrio. waiting for their reply before proceeding with the order. :blush:

Thank you again!