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Site down & Issue with inbox

Hi everyone. The site will be down momentarily while we resolve other issues. We are working to resolve ASAP.


Thanks, Matt. :ok_hand:t4: Redirecting traffic here. I was dreading the million of threads on the same topic.


Its a big problem. I was communicating with a buyer. What if I lost a sale?


I’ve got both sellers and buyers I’m working with. My problem (or theirs) the buyers now it’s an urgent GIG they are working on. I’ll give them my email next time. Cannot afford for this to happen again…at least then if it does they will know they can easily contact me


I’ve now lost money on eBay. I hire freelancers of here to process my orders etc, and this week alone 3 separate freelancers have majorly messed up. Nothing has been processed as a result since last Friday… finally found a decent freelancer today - now he’s panicking due to not being able to get my replies etc


Same… this is the second time (in this year or so…), very annoying

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:smiley: I refreshed page 10 time thought my internet issue…haha
Thanks :wink:


You can get permanently banned from Fiverr if you do that, and if sellers accept to contact you outside of Fiverr, they can get permanently banned, too.


I’ve just sent all freelancers I’m in current contact with the URL for this topic so they can (maybe!) Eventually check it out themselves

Same issue :frowning:

Also facing problem in buyer request page where, when i click read more to read the description it doesn’t show.

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Actually your completely wrong. If I were to WORK outside of Fiverr, meaning I chose to pay direct…then yes, I would. Otherwise, no, I won’t be banned.

And if you really must know, my freelancers working for me already have my email address due to it being required in order to complete their GIGS. Alas, I’m sure they will not realise it’s a Fiverr issue why I am not replying to their VERY urgent enquiries. Thanks!

What’s even more :crazy_face: is… The user is saying that on a thread that a Fiverr Staff started. :hushed: Telling/encouraging other users to violate terms is a NO-NO.


haha same thing I did :crazy_face:


I though i was the only one that’s why come here hope it will fix soon!

That part is allowed, then, but contact outside of Fiverr is still forbidden (not just payment), unless previously allowed by Customer Support.

Every now and then, there’s someone on the forum who has violated that rule and was banned because of it. They all think that they did nothing wrong.


You will get banned from fiverr, by not following rules, Its no allowed to share contact details!
Read TOS again, later dont cry about your account being banned.